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App Design

Brands and companies are rushing to leverage the ever-growing popularity of mobiles, tablets and other devices to deliver content and services that is both engaging and useful. Whether it is a simple catalogue, M-Commerce app or fully featured service delivery platform, our team of Mobility experts works with you and the target audience to develop an awesome experience tailored to each device and platform. Lemon Adverts provides you with hybrid app design services and flutter app design services to give your user an awesome experience.

With 2 different platforms, iOS and Android, we tailor the app to fully meet the expectations of each user type
Focusing the user's attention at the target content is what we strive to continually and creating an interface that accomplishes it is absolutely critical
A pragmatic blue-print or skeletal of the website that serves as the building blocks for the design and development phases
Graphic mockups
Visual representation of the wireframes encompassing colors, imagery and limited design elements
Native- iOS, Android or Cross-platform React-Native development, our team works hard at delivering seamless experiences choosing the right approach

UX Strategy

  • Upon receipt of the brief document, we examine it for areas relevant to the UX strategy
  • Conduct a competition analysis to refactor best practices in the industry to which the client belongs to
  • Look back into our data pool to determine elements that have worked in the past and those that have not
  • Create sample user journeys
  • Workout the personas and possible use cases
  • Examine the steps it takes for the user to complete the objective and ensure it goes no more than 2-3 clicks at the most
  • The output of this is a UX roadmap destined for client approval
  • Finally the deliverable are checked for conformity to social, mobile and local experiences

UI/UX Audit

An in-depth audit is performed of the existing digital asset to determine its weaknesses, evaluate industry best practice, discover visitor pain points, analyse the information architecture, identify errors, conduct peer evaluation and chart a productive way forward for the client

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