Engagement drives sales. At Lemon we take gamification seriously. We conceptualize, design, build engaging gaming experiences for our clients that leverage the latest in digital technologies, including Augmented Reality. From social games, quizes, interactive games and contests to loyalty competitions, we build games on Flash, HTML5 and Android.

Web, Mobile, Social (Facebook newsfeed Smart apps)
Web optimized games that can run on any device or platform
Games that require a high level of audio and visual elements are developed in Adobe Flash for an optimal user experience
Social Smart newsfeed apps
With a track record in creating engaging social contests, games engaging the friends circle, Newsfeed apps run right within the platform itself
The most active gamification platform, we work natively on both the iOS and Android platforms to truly leverage the device hardware delivering a stellar gaming experience
Process & Approach
We look at the trends in games that are preferred by the intended segment and formulate a natural association between the client brand and game mechanics

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