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Serverless is a natural evolution or extension to microservices where each function is understood as mini-service. A single chunk of code or ‘function’ is executed any time a distinct event occurs. The function ‘wakes up’ takes some amount of time to execute and consume the server’s resources, including memory before getting vanished after completing the task.

We use Parse Server and Cloud for our BaaS infrastructure. SaaS integrated cloud functions directly interact with your database directly and give you more options to code business rules. This allows you to host your web application anywhere, any place with no specific minimum requirements. So contact Lemon the certified AWS hosting provider and cloud hosting provider in UAE.

On demand execution provides maximum throughput exactly when required
3rd party integrations
With the option of calling any NPM library in the platform, it opens a whole new world of possiblities
Real-time database
With an always-on database connection, pub sub events can trigger automated actions, API calls or hooks
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