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Analytics & Performance

For meaningful insights from data acquisition, analytics provides us a means to make informed decisions on the ongoing campaign, data drivers, conversion rates and allows us to make quality, tangible decisions that optimize the user journey. Lemon Adverts provides conversion optimization services to make an ongoing campaign more effective.

User Flow Optimization
Tracking the user journey right from the point they enter the site upto checkout. Our analytics manager tool Google Tag Manager, Crazy Egg, AHREFs monitor the entire flow. This allows us to develop a user behaviourial segment where we can using A/B methods determine the best visuals that work on each type of user category. The using Remarketing pixels derive meaningful data for insights
Video Capture
Using journey capture tools to examine the user behaviour on the site, determines their conversion or bounce rates.
Using insights from our journey tools, we optimize the experience and again re-evaluate and monitor
Analytics Audit & Optimizations
Based on the intelligence gathering from the Analytics cycle, we conduct an internal audit of the sales funnel and drop-off rates to optimize the weak areas or re-engineer them
Management & Dashboards
Most of our tools include visual dashboards that allow you and your marketing team to keep track of site, app performance and identify areas of weakness and strengths

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