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Virtual reality

Virtual reality is quickly becoming the go-to story telling tool for a lot of brands, not only because it offers an immersive 360 experience but also because of the potential to become viral.  With a low entry barrier, Interactive video is currently seeing wide adoption on campaigns from international brands, music videos, TV and entertainment, sports, corporate training, the travel industry and more.

Brands can reach a massive audience of 2 billion smartphone users who can enjoy 360 video even without a VR headset.

Pre-Production Planning
Experienced planners ensure your creative vision gets executed while avoiding pitfalls and common mistakes made in this cutting edge space
Covering all angles of the meta-physical environment, we maximize on location time to ensure we get the coverage that is required and even more
Starting from image stitching, editing, SFX enhancements, sound design, grading, roto, composite, rig removal and optimization for multiple platforms
We first understand your virtual tour design needs to get an idea of what areas in your environment you would like to feature in the tour. During the consultation process, we will schedule a convenient time to come in for the photo shoot.

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