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Pay Per Click is a well known and most commonly used digital marketing channel. Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in PPC advertisers are billed when a user clicks on their advert, displayed for intended search query. PPC advertising services are available as Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords) and Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on). Each platform provides access to a different type of customer so it’s well worth considering the use of more than just one of the platforms above for your PPC marketing activity.

Taking a detailed look on Google adverts, it is evident that paid adverts generate instant traffic to websites which aids SEO to withstand tough competitions. The PPC services offered by us produce a constant and consistent stream of new business opportunities that help your business to grow.

At Lemon, we provide you smarter and more tactical with your paid search approach. We focus on giving you the maximum return on investment (ROI).

Campaign Setup:
This being the crucial part of an adwords campaign, determines the competition level, best keywords, advert copy, offers and landing pages. A detailed keyword and competitor research is made to determine the strategy to be followed and the efforts to be put in. The best advert copy and corresponding landing page is finalized as every click is expected a convert.
Account Creation, Testing and Optimization:
An individual adword account is set for the client’s Google Adwords PPC campaign. Campaign once gone live will be tested for its performance. Based on how a particular ad performs the keywords will need replacement, the ad copy might be tweaked, landing pages will be further optimized and so on.
Maintenance And Expansion:
Once the campaign begins to achieve its goals it will be maintained by optimizing the bids based on Google’s fluctuating bidding auctions. The ad copy and landing page will be continuously tested and maintained so that it brings in traffic and leads.
Certified Pay Per Click Agency:
As all the PPC campaigns involves budget a certified PPC service agency is required to run successful ad campaigns. Lemon adverts is one such Google certified Pay Per Click (PPC) service providers who can create the best campaign for your budget.

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