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Any potential customer who has already made a purchase decision will turn out to a search engine such as Google to find out the best of what they can have. It’s therefore important for your business to be visible top on the first page of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) at the very moment a customer types in search terms related to your business. Search Engine optimization (SEO) is the process of ensuring that your business website ranks on the top of Google for related search terms.

Lemon being one of the finest SEO company offering professional SEO services follows the below procedure in the journey of making your website to rank on top:

Website and SEO audit:
A professional note to start optimizing search engines for website is to audit it. We run a thorough audit on your website with the help of advanced tools and human interaction. The SEO audit determines your website’s SEO health.
Website updates for SEO:
Structure of a website plays a vital role in ranking. This includes the hierarchy of your landing pages, their user interactions and so on. Based on the keywords and landing pages we determine if the website abides with Google’s guidelines for a SEO friendly website. As a professional web development company we carry out all those amends in-house to make your site SEO friendly.
Keywords and competitor research:
Based on your requirements a detailed research on keywords and your competition is made in order to device a unique SEO strategy for you.
Content Optimization:
SEO is all about high quality unique content. The text based content plays vital role in website’s ranking. Our copywriting services does extensive research on your niche and creates content that considerably improve your websites’ chances to rank well on Google. Based on the keywords, we optimize your web pages with strict SEO friendly content. We make sure all on page factors such as meta tags, title tags, URL structure etc. are in place to boost your site’s online performance.
Backlink Building:
It is highly important that all backlinks a website receives are genuine, high quality and from high authority sites. We manually identify high ranking, highly trusted and relevant websites for your niche. Our SEO link building strategy is uniquely designed for every business as with SEO one site does not fit all.

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