Community Management

Community management

One of the main objectives of social media marketing is to build a community around your brand. You want an active and vibrant conversation happening right in your Facebook page or any other social platforms. At Lemon, our community managers are not only get people to know about your brand, but also to get them to feel engaged and get actively involved in it.

Platforms & tools
Our social team has the experience in social tools like Sprinklr, Social Bakers, Hootsuite, and Synthesio. These are used for scheduling posts, respond to the user queries to social listening reporting
Understanding Your Audience
We help the brands to build comprehensive user personas that help you understand the motivations, needs and concerns of your core audiences. This helps to better engage with them and aids in relevant content creation for the brand.
Create Customer Service FAQs
We find out what are the common customer service related question that typically asked by the users. Our community managers are always ready to provide a quick response to the community.
Humanize Your Brand
Social media is where you can take off the corporate mask and show the world that real people are behind the brand.
Create Escalation Plans
A lot can happen in social media in a minute. Our community management team creates escalation plans to foresee common scenarios and outlines the necessary steps to take and react faster.

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