Social Strategy

Social Strategy

If you want to do social media right, you need to set up the social strategy first. At Lemon, we define a social media strategy that will cover everything from deciding which social platforms are right for you to tracking results and optimization.

Set Goals
Before you start you need to know what you need to achieve. Goals for your social media could be increasing your brand awareness, giving your brand personality to delivering customer service and streamlining segmentation for your marketing.
Competitor & Gap Analysis
We conduct SWOT analysis for the clients, look at their competitor’s strategy, identify the gaps and what is clearly working out for them and then finally we provide a solution that is best for the brand and positioning.
Define Your Audience
Identify and define the target audience and understand what they want. Analyze the data from web and social analytics, customer service, research data etc. to define the audience.
Choose Your Best Social Platform
You can’t be everywhere. We help in identifying and choosing the best social platforms to match your business goals and your potential audience.
Set Social Media Guidelines
We set social media guidelines for our clients that covers guidance on the appropriate voice and tone, brand mentions, hashtags, proprietary information, excluded topics etc.
Content Strategy and Plan
Tailor made engaging content plan is created depending on audience and social platform in which they are shared. Content include story telling visuals and videos, infographics, animated GIFs, memes etc. Create content calendars and post them according to the schedule.

Monitoring, Optimizing and Reporting

We understand that each business requires customized reports according to the set objectives and KPIs. We provide customized dashboards and reports. Also, we monitor the activities and recommend optimization plans accordingly.

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